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Why Do You Need An Author Personal Assistant?

Everyone can use a little bit of help, especially when you are working on big publications with strict deadlines and pressure from (potential) publishers. The idea is that I will take all the other tasks that come with writing publications away from you so you can fully focus on the task at hand, getting the best possible story out!

You Might Need An Author Assistant If…

  • You are feeling overwhelmed.
  • You continue to miss book deadlines due to social media demands.
  • The small details are making it hard to write.
  • You have trouble shipping readers books/giveaway prizes they won in a timely fashion.
  • You are a new author hyperventilating over your first book release.
  • Social media brings you nightmares.
  • You just need MORE time!

As Your Author Assistant, I Can Help You By:

Saving YOU Valuable Time – The most important thing for any Author! Just because you CAN do a task does not mean it is cost-effective. Most authors simply do not have enough time in the day to complete their writing deadlines and the other marketing and admin tasks they need to do. You will not want to spend what little free time you do have worrying about answering admin emails, setting up meetings, or the other dozen things that need to be done.

By hiring me as your author assistant I will take all of that hassle away from you so that you can keep the creative juices flowing and have more time to focus on what only YOU can do, WRITE!

Supporting & Encouraging YOU – I am on your team! Publishing, no matter what route an author takes, can be tough. Having another passionate team member is valuable. As your author assistant, I can be that force needed to help overcome deadlines, bad days, and those overwhelming times.

Structure, Motivation & Goal Setting – To help you stay focused on the tasks at hand! It is not easy getting articles, stories or books from an idea in your head, to an actual complete story. It takes a lot of focus and I can provide you with that much-needed structure, and help keep you motivated and working towards achievable goals so that you can make those all-important deadlines that you might have set for yourself. Sometimes you just need someone to keep track of things and keep you going towards your dreams. Author assistants are awesome at that! 🙂

Administration & Organisation –

This can be anything from scheduling appointments, maintaining track of work progress, sticking to deadlines, communicating with bloggers, etc. I have a small list of day to day tasks that I can help you with posted below. But if there is something you are looking for help with and don’t see listed, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Marketing / Promotions –

Contacting publishers, connecting with bloggers and reviewers, drafting and distributing promotions posts, etc.

Day-To-Day Task That I Can Complete For You:

  • Plan, organize, implement, and track the success of promotions
  • Plan and implement new release launches
  • Maintain your Author Facebook Page
  • Maintain your Facebook Fan Group
  • Contact and interact with readers and bloggers to review your books
  • Organizing and maintaining an ARC (advance review copy) review group
  • Distribution of ARC’s
  • Organizing and maintaining a Promo Street Team
  • Organize, implement, and follow up on contests and giveaways
  • Organizing and hosting release parties

Books –

  • I also offer beta reading, and copy editing services, as your personal assistant, those services are available to you with no extra charge.

Why should you hire me as your Author Assistant?

I have experience in a similar role. I was an office manager at a Bail Bonds Company for over 5 years. At that time I managed 6 other team members in the office as well as 8 bounty hunters. The day-to-day task I completed there is very similar to the ones an author would need. But instead of bloggers, readers, and publishers, I was talking to judges, attorneys, and police officers!

I am flexible and have plenty of availability, I am an excellent communicator, motivated, professional, trustworthy, efficient and willing to continue to learn and grow to make sure I excel in helping YOU with your needs!

I LOVE books! I have been a bibliophile for over 20 years reading has always been a passion of mine. When I’m not reading books, I’m talking about books. Over the past five years, I learned just how important reviews are to authors. Since then I have started reviewing online book purchases as well as ARC’s I received from authors and promotion companies on Amazon, BookBub, NetGalley, Goodreads, and my blog, Confessions Of A Bibliophile.

In doing so I found another passion, working WITH and IN the book community. I absolutely love having a fellow book worm reach out and tell me that they chose to read a book or took a chance on a new author because of MY review or MY book recommendation.

I am here to be your cheerleader, your support system, your promoter, and to also provide critiques. Authors have their vision; their story; their characters. I just want to help provide a little extra support and a critical eye to not change their vision, but to help polish it up and give it those extra little touches. I want to make sure that the message and story YOU envisioned reaches the reader.

Most importantly, I have the drive and I want to be a part of YOUR team and to help YOU be successful!

Pricing & Payment:

  • I accept payment through PayPal.
  • Prices are negotiable.

I prefer to be paid an hourly wage but again I am negotiable. If you would like to retain my services for certain jobs instead of a full or part-time assistant, I am open to discussing that as well!

You tell me what you will need me to assist you with and WE will work out what kind of payment works for the BOTH of us!

Want to chat and see if hiring me as your Author Personal Assistant is the right fit for you?

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you within 48 hours.

Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

– Heather Lynn